AFEI Background

Alpha Female Empowerment Initiative is A Christian Based, Non Profit, Non-Governmental organization,
Registered on file No MIA/NB/2017/07/1006 based in Kampala the capital city of Uganda which is found
in East Arica formed in 2012 by a group of social workers and medical workers.
AFEI initially Focused mainly on following components of Identifying homeless girls and teenage
mothers, enrolling (recruiting) female street kids Into rehabilitation services, tracing homes of the
selected kids for resettlement and economic empowerment to families of street kids through  vocational
skills like craft making, beading, wooden toy making, tailoring hair dressing, shoes making  to teenage
mothers in slums and streets to attain self-reliance that depended on the generosity of well-wishers,
volunteers, community individuals and local leaders.
AFEI later became aware of other community challenges like poor parenting, drug abuse, poverty,
HIV/AIDS, lack of sexual reproductive health services and rights in youth, girl child school dropout due to
lack of sanitary wear, hence we embarked on working with youth and families in poor communities
through empowering and supporting them in physical, spiritual, educational, economic ,behavioral and
psychosocial for the purpose of impacting there world and reducing the number of children running to
The main goal of the ministry is to provide the homeless and vulnerable children with a safe loving
environment to call a home, help shape and restore their lost hope and future through preaching them
the gospel and love of God. The home provides the love of Jesus, Education, medical needs/ care and
shelter in a family style.
The children are spiritually discipled and equipped and as they grow the hope is for them to become
responsible Christians and productive Ugandan citizens

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AFEI is designed not only to meet the children needs of the homeless and suffering children but also
transform their lives through vocational skills training programs.
AFEI seeks to raise up the next generation of Uganda leaders and citizens with spiritual morals and
values and as they grow the hope is for them becoming productive Ugandan citizens through transformation.


Learn to do right, seek justice, defend the oppressed

Isiah 1:17


Our Vision

An organization that is sustainable, credible, effective, efficient and committed to improving the welfare
of female street kids and other vulnerable children.


Our Mission

To advocate for the rights of children and restore hope among homeless teenage mother and other
vulnerable children in poor communities.


Core Values And Principals


Human rights, Child Centeredness, Empowerment of children and families, .


Integrity, and Professionalism.


Collective participation,
and Volunteerism.



- To provide a safe and conducive environment among the homeless teenage mothers and girls from
slums and streets

- To promote social economic transformation among the teenage mothers and disadvantaged youth in
poor communities

- To promote youth friendly sexual reproductive health services and rights to the youth in the poor

- To promote positive parenting among communities in need to reduce the number of children running
from homes to streets

- To promote self-reliance among the teenage mothers through vocational skills training

- To promote talents development in sports games, comedy, music and drama through promotion of the
talented children in slums, streets and communities

- To create awareness on values of child rights protection in families and communities through a family
centered approach.

- To create a friendly legal service framework that will help provide justice and fairness to the children
offenders and legal counseling services.

- To promote medical and clinical health management for the children through referral system to the
service providers and government resources.